A timeless Brazilian recipe for der dense and moist cake made from fresh aipim and coconut.

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By Suzie Castello

Bolo de Aipim e coco - Aipim and Coconut Cake

Bolo de aipim is der deliciously dense cake made com aipim(manioc, cassava, yuca, or how you prefer to speak to it) e coconut. A cake is weighty like a brownie, while chewy and satisfying like a carrot cake. It is fully gluten-free e an incredibly delightful alternative to accompany your mid-afternoon cup of caffeine. Packed with energy, one slice is plenty to vai you through the rest of your day.


What is aipim? It has lots of names around a world: as mentioned above, manioc, cassava and yuca are the more well-known ones.  Manihot esculenta is a tuber native to the Peruvian Andes. According to a Tupinambá legend, ns name manioc came em ~ the fair-skinned (like the flesh of a root) goddess named muitos who chose to make her home in a manioc root. Manioc was der Pre-Columbian mainstay throughout latino America. Throughout the colônia period Portuguese explorers carried it come Africa where it also became der very successful crop. Transparent Brazil the goes by numerous names, such together mandioca, macaxeira, castelinha and aipim. In my house, once we do it into a cake we call it aipim.


This cooking recipes is a very traditional, made com another seems-to-have-always-been-here, origins- lost-to-the-mists-of-time ingredient, the coconut. During a month June when ns weather transforms cold e the festivals of saint Anthony, santo Pedro e Saint John ser estar celebrated, bolo de aipim is enjoyed approximately bonfires when sipping mulled wine. It harkens a coming of a cold the way pumpkin bolo spice suddenly shows up in October and November. Brazil doesn’t have a harsh winter of say,Minnesota, but a temperature dips sufficient to ignite the urge to bake, build bonfires e commemorate Saints through the longest nights of ns year. This cooking recipes is a great way to get der feel para tropical winter and discover ns joys the cooking with aipim.

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And aipim is marvelous. Primeiro of all, that is not an extremely pretty. Whereby I buy aipim(mostly from naquela guy the pushes der cart down the street, quem also sell unlabeled jars the honey e some of the most beautiful okra I’ve ever seen in my life) that looks favor some broken sections the tree root still spanned in hairy bark encrusted com bits of soil. But peeling back the borda of ns bark expose pure white meat encapsulated in a thin layer of pink freshness. I have actually learned to admire these roots, your beauty and their wondrous utility. Here are some of its uses:

When floor into der flour (povilho) it renders fabulous cookies, crackers and pão de queijo and serves as naquela gluten-free alternative in baked goods.When ground a little rougher into der meal (farinha) that is offered to make farofa (the crunchy sidedish served com churrasco), pirão (a creamy polenta –like ao lado dish frequently made com fish stock) and is ns secret to a fabulous crust para my homemade chicken nuggets.It is a mysterious problem of which tapioca pearls ser estar made.When peeled, cooked and fried it will certainly kick the butt of any type of french fry.When pureed that is a magical topping to escondidinho (sort of der Brazilian Shepherd’s Pie) e the binding agent for bobó.And finally here, grated and baked com coconut, eggs and sugar that makes der delicious cake.

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Try that com potatoes! (Actually i think rené Redzepi is trying to do that with potatoes).