Historical Roasts is an americano comedy television sequência on Netflix. Based on the Los angeles live comedy show of the same name, the pedido "roasts" historical numbers including Abraham Lincoln, martin Luther rei Jr., e Cleopatra. Ns 6-episode primeiro season foi ~ released ~ above Netflix on might 27, 2019. The is organized by Jeff Ross, der "recurring roaster" who has showed up frequently in stand-up specials e series on Comedy Central.

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Steve is an american syndicated talk show that foi ~ hosted through comedian and television personality Steve Harvey. That premiered on September 5, 2017, as naquela successor come Harvey"s Chicago-based Steve harvey talk show produced by Endemol. The series was produced a partir de Universal estúdio in California in partnership com IMG e NBCUniversal televisão Distribution, e was described as having naquela larger emphasis on celebrity guests and Harvey"s comedy (as protest to a previous series, i beg your pardon focused more on person interest topics).
Fuller house is an american sitcom developed by Jeff franklin that airs as naquela Netflix originais series, e is naquela sequel to ns 1987–1995 television sequência Full House. That centers roughly D.J. Tanner-Fuller, a veterinarian and widowed mommy of 3 sons, who sister Stephanie e best friend Kimmy—along com her teenage daughter—live with each other at the Tanners" childhood terra natal in mountain Francisco, California. Most of the originais series ensemble actors have reprised their functions on Fuller House, one of two people as regula cast members or in guest appearances, with the exception the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who alternated the role that Michelle Tanner in complete House.
Grandfathered is an american sitcom developed by daniel Chun porque o the Fox transmissão Company. Initially titled Grandpa, the show was picked up to series on might 8, 2015, and premiered top top September 29, 2015. Top top October 15, 2015, raposa ordered an additional seis scripts porque o the first season. On October 28, 2015, raposa ordered der full season of 22 episodes para the o primeiro dia season. On may 12, 2016, raposa canceled the sucessão after 1 season.
Movie star Vincent Chase, together com his guys Eric, Turtle, and Johnny, are back - and back in business com super agent-turned-studio head Ari gold on a risky projeto that will cabe as Vince"s directorial debut.
The Tonight show Starring jimmy Fallon is an american late-night talk show hosted by jimmy Fallon, on NBC. The show premiered on February 17, 2014, and is created by broadway Video e Universal Television. It is the seventh (and current) incarnation of NBC"s long-running Tonight concertos franchise, com Fallon serving as ns sixth host. The show also stars sidekick and announcer Steve Higgins e house band a Roots. A Tonight concertos is created by Katie Hockmeyer and executive-produced by Lorne Michaels. The concertos records a partir de Studio 6B in Rockefeller Center, novo York City, i beg your pardon is a same studio in which esta noite Starring Jack Paar e then ns Tonight concertos Starring Johnny Carson to be produced em ~ 1957 until 1972.
Super Fun night is an american sitcom the aired from October 2, 2013, to February 19, 2014, top top ABC. The pedido was broadcast during ns 2013–14 television season on alphabet in a Wednesday noite 9:30 pm (ET/PT) slot after modern-day Family. The series starred and was created by Rebel Wilson; it was green-lit by alphabet for naquela series bespeak pick-up on may 10, 2013.
Legit is an americano sitcom created by peter O"Fallon e Jim Jefferies. The sucessão premiered on January 17, 2013, on the americano cable television network FX and ended on may 14, 2014, top top FX"s sister canal FXX. Jefferies, O"Fallon, stack Cleveland, e Lisa Blum are the show"s executive producers.

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The Young Turks is an american liberal/progressive political and social commentary program organized primarily through Cenk Uygur and distributed on der variety of Internet-based platforms. TYT foi ~ founded in 2002 by Uygur as a talkshow top top Sirius Satellite Radio. Ns Young Turks insurance claims to be "the world"s biggest online notícia show"; youtube video views ao the TYT network stood in ~ a venenoso of 2 billion together of July 2014. The show offers internet-only video content via their youtube channel, which in April 2012 averaged 750,000 views naquela day, and by November 2014 over 1,400,000 views naquela day. The Young Turks also have naquela network of various other affiliated shows on separate youtube channels, known collectively as a TYT Network. São de 2011 to 2013 a second show, called a Young Turks com Cenk Uygur aired on current TV. After existing TV era acquired by al Jazeera America, a TV show was cancelled.