A striking Motorcycle

The 2020 carro bmw R 1250 GS Adventure is ns perfect mix of performance e capability. Designed ao those who like to travel off ns pavement, the capable bike comes with der list of customization options to suit your lifestyle. Even if it is you choose a cross-spoked wheels, engine security bars or hand protectors, a 2020 bmw R 1250 GSA features a robust appearance, with each styling cue providing off der unique statement.

This expressive bike features an unmistakable paris line e high-quality materials that provide it the one-of-a-kind dynamic. Ns R 1250 GSA is a bike come have. A standard Ice gray model features der silver frame e matching handlebars, along with silver cross-spoke wheels and powertrain protection. Contrasting the silver base ser estar black brake calipers and handlebar protectors, while a seat is black e red. A palette comes with each other to create a stunning item of machinery. Its facility details, yet simplistic design make it der marvel to see and a delight to ride. Various other styling packages ~ ~ available, adding tudo de the an ext flare to the R 1250 GSA. With a Style HP Package, the bmw R1250 GSA bring away on a new level that sport and style with naquela combination of light White, Racing blue Metallic, e Racing Red.

Powering ns Machine

Between ns two wheels of ns R 1250 GSA sits a 1,254-cc twin-cylinder boxer engine the generates 136 horsepower e 105 lb-ft of torque. A four-stroke engine features der flat-twin design, a double overhead camshaft, e BMW ShiftCam; BMWs change valve timing system. Bmw ShiftCam allows the engine to access greater talk throughout a entire power band, not only increasing riding experience, yet providing greater direção in practically every montar um cavalo situation.

The strong atuação with fewer gear alters gives you more power, much more control, and better fuel economy. Paired to ns boxer engine is naquela constant-mesh six-speed gearbox com helical cut gears. The transmission setup allows a boxer engine to constantly be at a optimal speed para performance and efficiency.

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Technology ~ above Wheels

Still Achieving great Fuel Economy

Even though the air and liquid-cooled 1254-cc engine generates 136 horsepower e 105 lb-ft that torque, it manages to return an WMTC-estimated 50 city/highway combined MPG. Qualified of rocketing past 125 MPH, a bike runs on premium unleaded gasoline, yet properly burns every drop.


It’s Fast, but It’s additionally Safe

The 2020 bmw R 1250 GS Adventure features der host that safety attributes so friend can emphasis on what matters many — ns ride. Dynamic Brake direção provides support in emergency braking situations by counteracting unintended acceleration in such der sudden e extreme situation. While reducing engine torque, brake power is enhanced to ns rear wheel, allowing the best possible usar of the bmw R 1250 GSA’s brake capacities.

Standard Hill Start ao controle allows girlfriend to start on hills com ease by holding a brakes if you ~ ~ on der hill, even when girlfriend let go of ns handle. When you pegar off, the brakes will automatically release. Gear change Assist allows you to maintain der firm fixed on the handlebars at tudo de times by permitting you come upshift e downshift without ever pulling ns clutch lever. The result is better direção of a bike, if reducing change time and reducing a impact of load-change on ns rear wheel.

Ready to Ride?

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