Highs delightfully strong and smooth powertrains, forte handling e serene ride, advantageous back-seat and trunk space. Short Steering ought to be more feelsome, part rivals offer much better value, manual transmission is M.I.A. Verdict com equal parts luxuriousness e sportiness, ns 3-series surpasses todos other esportes sedans.


No matter which uma of its soft powertrains is ~ above duty, a 2022 bmw 3-series is supremely satisfying come drive. If its remarkable refinement is balance out by not-quite-great steering feel, its body is composed on any kind of kind that road, its brakes ser estar strong, e its journey is comfortable for daily chores. Plus, its domestic is rich e roomy e it has naquela sizable trunk. Rivals together as the Genesis G70 offer better value, e the Alfa Romeo Giulia is a sexier alternative, but enquanto other sports sedan possesses a bandwidth of a Bimmer. Along with der sublime eight-speed automatic e rear- or all-wheel drive, a 3-series is accessible with naquela terrific turbocharged four-cylinder (330i), naquela plug-in-hybrid setup (330e) com up come 23 mile of all-electric range, or a ferocious 382-hp turbo straight-six (M340i) that"s as eager e effortless as engines come. Thankfully, a sedan"s excellence doesn"t begin e end with driving excitement. That"s because ns 2022 3-series is sporty any time but luxurious and practical tudo de the time.

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What"s New porque o 2022?

The 2022 bmw 3-series lineup doesn"t check out any significant changes. Ns list of usual updates mainly pertains to reshuffled alternative packages, novo standard features ao specific models, and an to update roster of individual options.

Pricing and Which one to Buy

We"d choose the four-cylinder 330i for its surprisingly enough power e inherently athletic behavior. Those quem want all-wheel journey can add it porque o $2000. We would equip our example with a M esportes package the brings added features, distinct styling bits, and a especially tuned suspension. With it we"d choose a Premium package that has blind-spot monitoring, hands-free passive entry, der head-up display, a heated steering wheel, bigger touchscreen, and more. We"d likewise spring for the Dynamic managing package that optimizes a sedan"s steering dynamics acima de adaptive dampers and upgraded brakes.

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Engine, Transmission, e Performance

The 3-series offers dois smooth and potent gas-powered engines. The 330i features der turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that makes 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet the torque. A M340i bag with der turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six the produces 385 ponies e 369 pound-feet. The 330e plug-in hybrid combines der turbo 2.0-liter engine com an electric motivo that with each other generate 288 horses e 310 pound-feet. Our primeiro impression of a 330e revealed naquela harmonious relationship between the gas e electric elements, e we like a plug-in"s new Xtraboost duty that provides der burst of power that feels like der shot of nitrous. Each powertrain pairs with an exceptional eight-speed automatic transmission e standard rear-wheel drive. You have the right to power todos four wheels for a price. Unfortunately, der manual gearbox is no decorrer longer available. (Purists should organize out para the all-new bmw M3 if they need a stick.) Buyers can choose between two suspension setups on ns 3: the base arrangement or a upgrade with adaptive dampers. Our primeiro drive of this G20-gen 3-series was encouraging. The car"s newfound steering feel provides more road-surface information e variable initiative than that is predecessor did, yet it"s still doing not have compared with that of the 3"s iconic early on generations. A four-cylinder Bimmer confirmed its worth by winning a comparison test versus other esportes sedans. We applauded its capacity to transition from relaxed and refined to sharp and playful. Ns 330i likewise secured its clues at a top that its course by thwarting a gorgeous Alfa Romeo Giulia in a two-car comparo. Our irreversible M340i additional proves a nameplate"s retorna to form, com its superb six-cylinder e remarkable body control.


Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

The gerar estimates the four-cylinder 330i will earn up to 26 mpg in ns city e 36 mpg on the highway. Ns more powerful six-cylinder M340i has actually ratings that top o fim at 23 mpg city e 32 highway. A rear-drive, plug-in-hybrid different has naquela combined calculation of 28 mpg and an all-electric variety of 23 miles. Both numbers drop through 3 para the all-wheel-drive PHEV. Us tested der rear-drive 330i on our 75-mph highway fuel-economy route, which is component of ours extensive experimentation regimen, and saw an impressive 42 mpg. Likewise, us conducted the same test with an all-wheel-drive M340i, i beg your pardon earned 33 mpg. Para more information about the 3-series"s fuel economy, visit a EPA"s website.

Interior, Comfort, e Cargo

Inside, the 3 has a modernized design complete com excellent materials e impressive build quality. Nothing feels cheap inside ns 3-series, and its controls are well placed. Bmw also improved outward visibility, e the standard esportes seats are well-bolstered e supportive, and they offer substantial adjustment for this reason it"s easy to get comfortable. The car"s extra-cost content includes naquela detailed head-up display, customizable ambient domestic lighting, boil front e rear seats, far start, e wireless charging. Ns BMW"s digitais instrument cluster is naquela bit cluttered but still attractive. Some might find a counterclockwise move of a tachometer needle odd in ~ first, yet you get acclimated come it quickly. The 3-series has naquela big trunk com an available power-operated lid. Com 17 cubic feet of cargo space, ns gas-powered sedan can fit seis carry-on suitcases earlier there e 17 rude with ns rear row folded. For comparison, the Mercedes-Benz C300 sedan held 1 fewer suitcase in both tests e the Alfa Romeo Giulia can fit five e 15, respectively. The 330e has actually less trunk space (13 cubes) because of the battery pack, and we haven"t experiment its carry-on capacity.